Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekly Winners #17 - May/25 to May/31

Wow. A week with very few pictures! Here's one from my Wordless Wednesday post:
And here's one from my Tell me Thursday post:
Since I don't seem to have anything else, please allow me to post some pictures Santi took today during my team's games:
We won the first one 4-1, and we got seriously wet.
We tied the second one 0-0, playing horribly...
Then we had to play the same team from the first game in quarterfinals.
This time we won 2-1, with a goal scored in the dying minutes of the game.
Oh. I forgot. This is what we were doing last Sunday at my brother's place (yum!):
From left to right: My brother Paco, me, Gaby, my mother and Florencia.
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  1. Great shots - I still love the Wordless Wednesday ones.

    As for the grill shots - what time do I need to be there for dinner? :-)

  2. Here comes that great homely feeling again. I always get it when I visit your blog! I want to grab a chair and sit there at that table with all of you! Looks like you had a great time together!
    Have a great weekend Gabriel!

  3. lovely photos!

  4. Aw, so very adorable! And I love barbecues, too.

  5. Qué semana más completita... Mira que te gusta la cocina... siempre que vengo a visitarte te encuentro metido en la cocina o delante de la barbacoa preparando alguna delicatese.

    Un saludo!

  6. mmm BBQ. I love BBQ weather

  7. secret agent mamaJun 1, 2008, 4:16:00 AM

    I always love your weekly wrap up, Gabriel!

  8. Love that first shot! :)

  9. Karen of SillymonkeezJun 1, 2008, 8:12:00 AM

    I love the photo of the three children on the blanket. They are so adorable!!

    I hope you'll consider joining in on my new meme that starts on Tuesday. It's all about children and is called "Silly Monkey Stories."

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  10. Gabriel y Gabriela:
    Desde hace poco visitamos su blog, acabamos de leer "Coming to Canada" and "The longest trip", y realmente quedamos impresionados con todo lo que tuvieron que pasar.
    Es indiscutible que tienen una familia maravillosa y muy pocas personas pueden atravesar momentos como esos como lo hicieron ustedes.

    Es bueno encontrar gente como ustedes, les mandamos muchos cariños y esperamos conocerlos algún día, quizás pasemos a saludar en nuestro viaje exploratorio a Canadá!

  11. Those are some awesome soccer shots you have! Thanks for sharing part of your life with us!

  12. Those 1st 2 are just precious! Love the cookout ones~looks like so much fun!

  13. ♥ the soccer shots
    the two gorgeous
    my WW is up
    My Little Drummer boys

  14. Oye Gabriel, qué escondés bajo la remera...? :)))

    Un abrazo y cuidate


  15. Annie, thanks for your comments. You're welcome to my table any time.

    Jientje, your pictures are always a pleasure to the eyes. Thanks for your visit.

    Sassy, Maggie, Tiff, Secret agent Mama, Rebecca, thank you all

    Karen, I will be looking into your meme. I have just finished mine (Where were you) due to low attendance, so I have to find something to do on Tuesdays! :-)

    Lina, me gusta mucho cocinar, pero con Gaby en casa no puedo competir. De todos modos, los asados (barbacoas) me encantan. Este que mostré en las fotos lo estaba haciendo mi hermano, yo sólo me metí a ayudar...

    Lorena y Martin, sin palabras. Muchísimas gracias por sus comentarios tan lindos. Por supuesto, no dejen de avisarnos si por casualidad andan por la zona.

    Mad Squirrel, thank you for dropping by. Soccer is a big part of our lives right now, as you can see...

    Connie, Laura, Baby~amore': thank you all.

    Gus! Qué pasó? Ahora me vas a decir "a vos no te va tan mal, gordito?" Para contestar tu pregunta, lo que tengo bajo la remera son hamburguesas. Pero de días anteriores...


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