Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekly Winners #13 - Apr/27 to May/03

I would like to dedicate this week's edition of my Weekly Winners to Lotus, alma mater of Sarcastic Mom.
She's a brilliant, funny, beautiful person who's going through hard times these days.
Lotus, I know we will never meet in real life, but I just wanted you to know that you and your family has been in my prayers.
I wish I could give you and your husband a hug. And play with Braden! :-)


I participated of the "How I met my honey" carnival, organized by Ramblings by Reba

This is one of our first pictures -if not the first!

But I also had my "Where were you" post on Tuesday, and the theme was "Short term memory"
Me and Santi got tickets from a friend and went to Toronto to watch Toronto FC beat Kansas City Wizard 2-0
To our surprise, the veteran Argentine star Claudio López played for Kansas. He was Santi's soccer hero when he was little!!!
He still has his action figure in his room. Claudio ('el piojo') shook hands with us! :-)

After that, it was all Florencia at "Live from Waterloo"

Either doing some gardening...

...or playing soccer!

OK, there was a little of Santi too, but that picture was part of a session I had with all of my kids!
IMG_0072 IMG_0080

Have a great week!
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  1. That old picture is great!!

    I also love the first one of Florencia playing soccer - so cute!!

  2. Great shots! I love the old one and the new ones, too!

    Somehow I managed to hit enter before I was ready and screwed up my link (I blame the touch pad on the laptop). Can you please remove that one?

  3. Love the old shots and the one with the kids! Seems like forever since that first date, I bet!

  4. Wow, I loved all of these but the first one was great!

  5. I love the soccer pictures of Florencia, especially that last one with that determined look on her face! Those are all cute pictures Gabriel!

    It's so nice of you to leave those kind words for Lotus, it must be very hard for her now, but a few kind words always can do miracles!

  6. My favorite is the first one of Florencia gardening. What a sweet expression on her face.

  7. Como siempre me derritieron las fotos de tus chicos pero especialmente las de Flor jugando al futbol o arreglando el jardin. Repito ¡¡¡QUIERO ESA JARDINERA!!!

  8. I enjoyed your photos...well I always do!

  9. My favorite is the picture of the little girls. Such expression on their faces. Fun pictures!

  10. I love that first picture, especially! Wonderful, all of them, though. xxoo

  11. Great shots, Gabriel.... I love the soccer ones, though... what concentration!

  12. These are lovely pictures! I really like the gardening shots. Such a great smile!!

  13. love the "mug shots" photos. Beautiful and talented kids. You must be such a proud parent!

  14. Lovin the soccer pictures!

  15. Great pictures! Your kids are so cute!

  16. Love the soccer pics!

  17. I like the first soccer shot the best. It looks like a normal look for her. I like her little smirk.

  18. Qué linda la nena jugando al soccer! Yo traté, traté y traté pero mi hijo Lucas se paraba en medio de la cancha y se cruzaba de brazos que hasta que le venía la pelota a los pies. Le estamos buscando otro deporte...

  19. love the tulips and you an dyour honey - sweet.

    The soccer shots are great too.

    Beautiful ♥
    My WW is up
    My Little Drummer Boys


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