Saturday, May 10, 2008

Live... from Sarnia

CanadaHello there, and sorry I haven't been able not only to post but to go around and pay visits to my blogbuddies in the last couple of days.

We're in Sarnia, Ontario, where Santi is playing in the Bluewater Early Bird Soccer Tournament. They've played one game already, and it was so onesided that we couldn't even agree on what the final score was. Some said it was 12-0, some 11-0, I believe it was only 9-0.

Santi scored two goals, one by tapping and deflecting a ball that was probably going in anyway, and the second by kicking the ball right on the line. So you could say he didn't score two goals, he stole two goals! :-)

Gaby was in charge of taking pictures, because I volunteered to be one of the linemen. I called offside on two of the goals my son's team scored, but the referee never saw it...

We have our next game in just two hours, so we will see how we do! Oh, and don't forget to check Santi's blog for his own recap!

He barely missed this header!

Argentina Hola a todos, y perdonen que no haya posteado en los últimos dos días, como así tampoco haya salido a visitar a mis blogbuddies.

Estamos en Sarnia, Ontario, donde Santi está jugando en el Bluewater Early Bird Soccer Tournament. Ya jugaron un partido esta mañana, y dominaron tanto que no pudimos ponernos de acuerdo acerca del resultado final. Algunos decían que fue 11-0, otros 12-0. Yo creo que fue sólo 9-0.

Santi hizo dos goles, uno tocando para descolocar al arquero luego de un cabezazo que posiblemente iba al arco de todos modos, y el otro pateando la pelota cuando estaba boyando en la línea. Así que se podría decir que no hizo dos goles sino que robó dos goles! :-)

Gaby estuvo a cargo de las fotos, porque yo me ofrecí a jugar de juez de línea. Marqué offside en dos de los goles que el equipo de mi hijo hizo, pero la referí ni me miró...

Tenemos otro partido en un par de horas, así que veremos cómo nos va! Oh, no se olviden de chequear el blog de Santi para ver su comentario del partido!


Technical chat just before the game


Santi was taken down 3 seconds after he touched his first ball (this is a different foul, though)

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  1. That game ended 10-0, after all. I didn't remember what was the best goal of the day! :-)


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