Thursday, May 01, 2008


CanadaI have just recovered from my "Ginormous" day, and now I get my own son coming up with new "English" words.
According to Santi, if there's anything he's really good at, that would be computers and sports (again, according to Santi). So he says he's a 'jeek' (partly jock, partly geek)...
Why not a 'gock'?
ArgentinaTodavía me estoy recuperando de mi día 'ginorme', y ahora me lo encuentro a mi propio hijo inventando palabras en 'inglés'.
Según Santi, si hay algo para lo que el es bueno es la computación y los deportes (de nuevo, según Santi). Sería algo así como una mezcla entre 'geek' (traga, para los Argentinos) y un deportista. Algo así como un 'tragatista'...
O tal vez un 'deportraga'?
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  1. Jeek works for me! :)

  2. jeek sounds better. i agree with rebecca. gock sounds a little funny.

  3. I can't keep up with kids slang! I have enough to worry about just remembering people's names sometimes. Although I am guilty of occasionaly saying ginormous!

  4. Oh, that's great. Thank you all for your comments.

    You just gave me an idea. I will send another post later, asking all of you to send me those words you've heard lately that don't make any sense. Coming soon! :-)

  5. Gab, I should have a copy of your dictionary! Remember SNART? Man, I love that....then more today! You had me LOL for minutes!


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