Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday's Feast #22

Appetizer - What is the nearest big city to your home?
Well, define 'big'. I would say that if you consider Waterloo a 'small' city (it has 110,000 habitants, but it goes up to 450,000 or more if we consider the 'tri-city' area) then the nearest big city is this one:
Toronto, Ontario - Canada (picture from Panoramio)
Soup - On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?
I will go with a 10 here, and I will explain why: I simply forget about them! Last week, a co-worker told me that he had found out that somebody else was leaving. He thought I knew already, and when he realized I didn't, he asked me not to tell anybody. That was at around noon. When Gaby came to pick me up at 5PM, I did remember who was leaving, but I could not remember who had told me!!!
Salad - Describe your hair (colour, texture, length)
My hair is partly black, partly grey (grey quickly becoming the dominant colour). It's mostly flat, and I have it way too long right now (I would shave my head bald if it wasn't for the fact that my wife would kick me out if I did).
Main Course - What kind of driver are you? Courteous? Aggressive? Slow?
I'm a very courteous driver. I will always make room for pedestrians to go across the street and will make all the necessary signals. I have a tendency to driving a little over the speed limit, which has cost me two tickets since I came to Canada. But in both cases, I was somewhere between 15 and 20 Km/h over the limit, which isn't too bad...
Dessert - What was the last time you had a really bad week?
Can't remember, honestly. I have been extremely busy, but it's not that I've had a bad week lately. If you asked me 'when was the last time you had a really crazy week', then I would have to update my answer every Sunday...
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  1. We seem to have some similar thoughts this week. I too wondered what is a big city, I keep secrets, my hair is graying, and I am a courteous driver!

    We're practically twins! lol

    C'mon and join me as soon as you get some free time!

    Just Some Thoughts

  2. I agree with your feast. And by the way, i love your app.

    mine is up now. hope you can join my feast.

    Happy FF!

  3. Hi Gabriel. Great feast. I wish more drivers were like you.

  4. I shave my head. I really kind of thought my wife would object, but once she saw it, she decided she like it. Now she won't let me grow it back.

  5. I love night scene pictures. Happy Friday.

  6. i've been to toronto 2x already and I would definetely love to go back there.

    mine is up too. hope you can check it out:

  7. I think that's really funny that you remembered the secret...but not who told you! My brain is like that sometimes, as well!! :-)

    Happy Friday!

  8. Gab, tus respuestas me parecen 100% tú. Eres una persona muy genuina. Eres lindísimo. Gracias por ofrecerme tu oreja (jajajaja) para escuchar mis melancolías, pero créeme que no te quieres tirar de un puente jajajaj!!!! así que mejor lo dejamos así.

    Sobre aquello que nunca te respondí: no sólo estoy 100 % de acuerdo en TODO, sino que creo que esas cosas se notan desde lejos y tengo ese mal feeling desde el principio.

    Me explico?

  9. Thank you for your comments, everybody...

    Jacqueline, claro que te explicas, y cómo! Yo tuve el mismo feeling desde el primer día, y evidentemente -y lamentablemente- no me equivoqué. Eso me pasa muy, pero muy pocas veces, pero parece que no falla nunca...

    Muchísimas gracias por tantas cosas lindas que decis de mí (las cuales retribuyo). Como digo siempre, cuando necesites una mano, yo tengo dos.

  10. Oh Gabriel, what a lovely photo of Toronto you have there! You can print it as postcards...just saying in case you want to send that to your top commentators! LOL

    Thanks again for the hugs and support! Have a nice weekend!

  11. I know, Mariposa! Isn't it beautiful? It's not mine, though, that's why I added the link to its original location...

  12. Aww...I did not notice the link...

  13. Enjoy your time in Northern VA... I hope it stops raining by then!

  14. Being forgetful has its benefits. Thanks for stopping by to feast at my blog and in Detroit!

  15. Gabriel -
    What a beautiful nearby city! :)
    I'm not sure that 'keeping secrets' due to short term memory actually counts, ha!
    I wish more drivers were like you.

    Great feast! Thanks for coming by!

  16. Thanks for stopping by! More drivers (including me) should be as courteous as you are.

  17. Jean at Penny LaneMay 18, 2008, 2:47:00 PM

    Hey there Gabriel -- what a great feast, I came for the leftovers. LOL

    That is a nice picture of Toronto all lit up!
    Yes, with childen, it is always so busy and crazy. Gee, I can hardly remember what day it is or time!

    I have to remember to blog daily as well as saying my prayers. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane.


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