Sunday, March 23, 2008


Canada Florencia likes to tell me and Gaby that she loves us, and she does it all the time (we do too, and to all of our kids, of course). The funny thing is that she's able to quantify how much she loves us; when we ask her 'how much', she invariably replies 'five'.

I was away all week and came back on Thursday evening. You could tell Florencia missed me, because she gave me a big hug and stayed with me for a long while after I arrived back home. Then she said:

"Daddy, I love you very, very, very, very much. Twelve."

Wow. I can take that!

Argentina A Florencia le gusta decirnos a Gaby y a mí que nos quiere (y nosotros también se lo decimos a ella y sus hermanos, por supuesto). Lo divertido es que ella ha podido cuantificar cuánto nos quiere: cuando le preguntamos 'cuánto nos querés', reponde invariablemente 'cinco'.

Yo estuve fuera de casa toda la semana y volví el jueves a la tardecita. Se nota que Florencia me extrañó, porque me dió un gran abrazo y luego se quedó un rato largo conmigo. Entonces me dijo:

"Papi, te quiero mucho, mucho, mucho, mucho, mucho. Doce."

Guau. Eso parece estar muy bien!


  1. Qué ternuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice and how cute! Happy Easter!

  3. I used to love when my kids would say things like that :) How can you feel down when someone loves you twelve?????

  4. Paola, viste? Preparate para los videos que voy a poner esta semana, son para morirse... :-)

    Mariposa, happy Easter to you too!

    Biddie, you're right, it's hard to feel bad when your kids say things like these. And Flor went even higher last night! She's not feeling too well, so her daddy-itis is growing and growing. Of course, she goes to bed with me every night. And of course, she's cuddling with me everytime I'm around.

    So last night she said she loved me "trece" (thirteen) instead of "doce" (twelve)!!! The same goes for Gaby, of course. I think that's pretty much the highest number she knows, because you can tell that kid loves her mom and dad...


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