Monday, January 14, 2008

Careless Parking #02

can_flaggy Here's my second issue of "Careless Parking", this time featuring a picture taken at the Zehr's Supermarket on University and Lincoln in Waterloo.

Nice job, you lazy bum!

Of course, and like in the first post, there was plenty of room in the parking lot nearby. But dude was in a hurry.


  1. Hahaha, I think we are twins when it comes to parking... :D

  2. Did I ever tell you about the day that a car came crashing through the big windows at Zehrs? I was working on cash that day, and an older lady left her husband (a dementia sufferer)alone in a car, with the ignition running. Well, he was confused, and got behind the drivers seat.
    He crashed through the big front windows, and came to a stop on top of a pile of drywall that he had knocked down. Oh, and there was a lady UNDER the drywall.
    The manager of the store actually kept the store open while that poor lady had to wait for the ambulance. He just put tape up around her.
    Now that is careless parking.

  3. Sorry, nada que ver con esto pero entre a mi argie bargie y me di cuenta de que dejaste un par de comments que yo ignore olimpicamente. Resulta que no me di cuenta de que ese blog no me manda un e-mail para avisarme que tengo comments como hace Mariaenstaines y tenia cuatro o cinco mensajes que no habia visto.

  4. Mariposa, wait until I post the picture I took just today. Unbelievable :-)

    Biddie, careless parking indeed! I know the gentleman was impaired, but wouldn't it be awesome if the guy just got out of the car and said something like "Boy, this parking lot is so full you have to make your own room!"?

    Maria Marta, no hay problemas. Yo no me acuerdo de qué escribí tampoco...


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