Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Notes from Georgia

Here's a quick list of things I observed or happened to me during my first couple of days in here:
  • People in here are very friendly. I spent more time saying 'hello' to everybody than when I'm back home.
  • Something funny happened to me when I went to the mall by the hotel. People were looking at me smiling, as if I were somebody famous. I wondered if I looked like somebody from the local TV or something (or if my fly was open).
  • It took me just one day to get used to the Southern accent. It's very nice to hear.
  • The hospital is in a military base, so I have to show my ID every morning in order to get my daily pass. Once I am in, however, I can go wherever I go and nobody will ask me any questions.

  • I'm here with two colleagues from USA, one from Nashville, Tennessee and the other one from Jackson, Mississippi. We went out for lunch together (in my car); there's a bowling alley and a shopping mall nearby (both inside of the base). They're pretty knowledgeable and have been to lots of sites, so I'm learning a lot by listening to their stories.
  • At the end of the day, you should have seen the three of us in the middle of this huge parking lot, pushing the unlock button of our respective remotes. None of us remembered where we had parked our cars! I won, but it was because somebody else saw the lights flashing...
  • Look at this I found at the hospital lobby. They have hardwood floors, which might explain why these bags are there...

Umbrella bags. I hadn't seen them before...

Algunas cosas que me pasaron u observé durante mis primeros dos días aquí:
  • La gente es muy educada y cordial. Paso más tiempo diciendo 'hola' a todo el mundo que cuando estoy en Waterloo.
  • Algo muy gracioso me pasó cuando fui al mall que está al lado del hotel. La gente me miraba y me sonreía, como si yo fuera alguien famoso. Me preguntaba si seré parecido a alguien de la TV local (o si el cierre de mi pantalón estaba abierto).
  • Sólo me llevó un día acostumbrar mi oído al acento sureño. Es muy bonito.
  • El hospital está en una base militar, así que tengo que mostrar ID todas las mañanas para que me den un pase diario. Una vez que estoy adentro, sin embargo, puedo ir a donde quiera que nadie me va a preguntar nada.
  • Estoy junto a dos colegas de USA, uno de Nashville, Tennessee y el otro de Jackson, Mississippi. Fuimos a almorzar juntos (en mi auto); hay un bowling y un centro comercial (ambos dentro de la base). Ellos tienen mucha experiencia y han estado en muchos hospitales, así que estoy aprendiendo mucho escuchando sus historias.
  • Al final del día, nos tendrían que haber visto a los tres en medio del enorme estacionamiento que hay aquí, apretando el botón de 'unlock' de nuestros respectivos llaveros. Ninguno recordaba dónde habíamos dejado nuestros autos! Yo gané, pero fue porque alguien vio las luces de mi auto prender y apagar...
  • Miren lo que encontré en el lobby del hospital. Tienen piso de madera, lo que puede explicar por qué están estas bolsas aquí...


  1. I envy you! I have never really been anywhere outside of Ontario - except the time I spent in Nova Scotia. I did travel to New York City, once, and that was cool, but I haven't had the opportunity to travel much.
    How exciting to be able to travel and get paid for it! I think that the only downside would be missing the wife and kids. Well, you probaly miss Gaby's cooking, too :)
    Have fun and be safe.

  2. I don't envy you Gabriel ;-)

    Been there, Done that! Literally

    Safe travels....


  3. Biddie, these trips are not too enjoyable, as Mark says well. You spent 99% of the time between the hotel, the hospital and the airport. It's exciting because you learn important stuff, but you have to dig deep (like I'm doing) to find the 'enjoyable' part. And yes, I do miss my family.

    Mark, welcome to my blog! I didn't even know you've read me. Too good I don't say bad things about work, eh? :-D
    My week here seems to be waaaay quieter than yours...

  4. Qué buena idea lo de las bolsas para los paraguas!!
    Aunque no tuvieran pisos de madera, me parece que es muy buena idea igual, viste que los paraguas siempre dejan unos charcos tremendos.


  5. Gaby, viste qué buena idea la de las bolsitas? A mí me pareció igual.

    Bueno, me voy para Atlanta, nos vemos esta noche...


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