Monday, November 05, 2007

Flu season is looming...

It's that time of the year again; the ads about the Influenza vaccine will start to appear in the newspapers, and the TV campaign will kick off soon. But, what exactly is this flu shot about? Should I get it?

The answer to those and many more questions can be found at the website of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. There is a Vaccine Fact Sheet document (in PDF format), and a General Influenza Fact Sheet available in 24 (twenty-four!) languages, like English, French and Spanish.

We're having our flu shot clinic here at work on November 13th, so I'm booking some time for me and Gaby.

Es esa época del año otra vez; los avisos sobre la vacuna contra la influenza comienzan a aparecer en los diarios, y la campaña de TV debe estar por empezar pronto. Pero, qué es esta vacuna exactamente? Debería dármela?

Las respuestas a estas y muchas otras preguntas pueden encontrarse en el website del Ministerio de Salud y Cuidados de largo plazo de Ontario. Hay un archivo Fact Sheet (en formato PDF), y otro Fact sheet sobre la influenza disponible en 24 idiomas (veinticuatro!), como por ejemplo Inglés, Francés y Español.

Nosotros tendremos nuestra clínica aquí en mi trabajo el 13 de Noviembre, así que ya estoy reservando un turno para Gaby y yo.


  1. Tell me about it, I have been sick since Thursday.
    I usually take Jessica to get her flu shot. It just makes sense for her. If she gets the flu, we are looking at hospital time for her..You've seen how tiny she is. She can't afford to lose any more weight.
    BTW, she regained another 2 pounds, putting her at a whopping 96.something.
    Whoo hoo!

  2. I'm happy to hear the good news about Jessica. 96 pounds? That's one tenth of my weight! :-)

    I had just read your blog and learnt that you had been sick, which probably explains the low activity...

  3. LOL.
    One tenth of your weight. Right.

    I am still feeling cruddy. I have been in bed for most of the past few days. Still, I miss my blogbuddies, so I had to come back :)


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