Saturday, October 27, 2007

He thinks I don't know...

Santi has been borrowing my digital camera lately and I wondered what he was doing. Didn't take much time until I found videos like this one. I don't think he knows I'm aware of them... You will see Santi playing in the basement, sometimes with Juan. I guess Carolina took care of the camera. Go teamwork!

Santi me ha estado pidiendo la cámara últimamente y yo me preguntaba qué estaría haciendo. No llevó mucho tiempo hasta que encontré videos como éste. No creo que esté al tanto de que yo los encontré... Aquí verán a Santi jugando en nuestro basement, a veces con Juan. Calculo que Carolina fue quien se ocupó de la cámara. Viva el trabajo en equipo!


  1. That was cute! I found some old video of my girls playing dress up and interviewing each other from about 4 years ago. It must have been a rainy day, b/c even KC was in on it.
    It's treasures like this that mean so much to me :)

  2. For those who watch this video and are in or from Argentina, my son learned his moves from Johnny Tolengo :-)))



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