Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming to Canada - The pictures (2)

Watching TV at home. Notice the complete absence of furniture...

Our first Easter in Canada. It snowed that day!

We're going to Toronto, but they don't know (01/May/2001)

Santi, Carolina and Juan at the CN Tower

Carolina, Juan and Santi at the CN Tower


  1. Nice pictures buddy!! I can notice a massive lack of greyhears and kilos. This means only one thing: you are having such a nice time since then!


  2. Facundo Cabral !!

    Gabriel, como tú bien lo relatás, fue un comienzo brutal el que tuviste en tu inmigración.

    Te felicito, no solamente por tu excelente relato (ahora, cada vez que escribas, vas a tener que estar a TU altura...), sino por tener tantos HUEVOS.

  3. Guillermo, how considerate, thank you!

    I was actually going to say something about the grey hair. It's just disturbing. About the weight, I gained almost 30 kg (66 lb) between October 2000 and May 2001. Since you could not say that I was eating every day during that time, I guess the safest bet is that it's all due to stress. And I haven't been able to lose that weight yet.

    (By the way, Guillermo's comments were tongue-in-cheek; that's not what he thinks, but what us immigrant hear many times).

  4. Alfonso, gracias. Las penurias no terminan aquí, tengo por lo menos dos post mas hasta que termine con mi primer año en Canadá.

    A mí también me ha gustado mucho escribir esto, al punto que voy a hacer otra serie acerca de otro momento complicado de nuestras vidas. Muy pronto en Live from Waterloo! :-)

  5. Stress absolutely adds weight for some people. Gray hair is distinguising,or beautiful, at least that's what I tell myself everytime I look in the mirror :0)

    These photos are great. Your family has been through so much. I'm so glad that evrything worked out for you, Gaby, and the kids.

  6. I didn't remember how cute Juan was back then. Not that he's not now, but he was the most beautiful boy.


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