Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Comedy of Errors

We went to the theatre last night, with some tickets we had been given last week. We went to see Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" at the Avon Theatre in Stratford, Ontario. This play is part of the ongoing Stratford Festival of Canada, and I have to say that we enjoyed the experience very much.

The piece was known to us, but not very, so we had to look at the program. It was good that we did that, because the whole piece was -of course- in 'old' English, so many times we were looking at each other trying to figure out what they had just said. Luckily, our friend Jennifer told us that the same happened to her, and she's Canadian, so we weren't that bad after all.

This adaptation included many pop culture references; we also saw a penguin walking onstage in the middle of the play, bearing a sign that read "This one for the critics". Must be an insiders joke, which I didn't get.

The cast was very good, with a stellar performance by Bruce Dow as Dromio of Syracuse. I also enjoyed Eli Ham (Dromio of Ephesus), both Antipholus (David Snelgrove and Tom McCamus) and especially Lawrence Haegert, who played a hippie-like Balthasar who always seemed to be stoned.

As I said, we enjoyed the play very much. Almost as much as having a little time to go out, just the two of us.

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