Monday, September 17, 2007


I read the following on yesterday's edition of "La Capital" from Rosario, Argentina:

"Looking for a housekeeper , between 45 and 55 years old. White skin is required"

Horrific. A blatant case of discrimination coming from Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Or at least charged.

There were some discussions lately about discrimination in Canada; they talked about Quebec, but there also were examples of our own behaviour (that meaning us immigrants). There even was a borderline racist post in a weblog that has now (thankfully) been erased. But it doesn't look like they're doing much better back at home.

I used to joke that Argentina was on a different time zone, to then add "We are in 1957". It seems that in some cases, at least for this people in Venado Tuerto, it might be true.

Leo lo siguiente en la edición de ayer de "La Capital" de Rosario, Argentina:

"Se busca mujer ama de casa, cama adentro, de entre 45 y 55 años. Tez blanca, se necesita"

Horrible. Un caso evidente de discriminación viniendo de Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe. Esta gente debería estar avergonzada. O al menos procesada.

Ha habido algunas discusiones últimamente acerca de la discriminación aquí en Canadá; se habló sobre Quebec, pero también hubo ejemplos de nuestra propia conducta (de nosotros los inmigrantes). Incluso hubo un post bordeando lo racista en un weblog que ya ha sido (afortunadamente) removido, etc). Pero no parece que estén haciendo las cosas mucho mejor allí.

Acostumbro a bromear diciendo que Argentina está en otro huso horario, para después agregar: "allí estamos en 1957". Parecería que en algunos casos, al menos para esta gente en Venado Tuerto, esto sería verdad.


  1. Ignacio Nicolás RodríguezSep 17, 2007, 12:07:00 PM

    Muy por el contrario, el racismo es la cresta de la ola. Ojalá estuviéramos un poco más atrasados.

  2. Gracias por tu comentario, Ignacio, y sí, lamentablemente parecería que estás en lo cierto...

  3. I was once a nanny/housekeeper for a black family. The 1st thing that they asked me over the phone was - Do you mind working for a black family?
    I was so shocked. I replied with - Do you mind having a white housekeeper?
    I think that was my 1st real experience with racism.
    I got the job, and loved the family. They were not racist, but had dealt with it so much...I saw it from their point of view. It was awful. I just don't understand hating someone based on skin colour or where they come from.....

  4. I loved your answer. Very nice. But I know, it still happens.

    Back in Argentina, we're very strange. We like black people very much; in fact, we have says and phrases that might sound awful in other places. For example, we say "I'm working like a black guy" to indicate that you're working a lot. Or we use the word 'negro' or 'negra' (black, in Spanish) as a term of endearment. I call my wife 'negrita' sometimes, and that means 'love' or 'honey'. But try to do that here! :-(

    We do have our own discrimination problems, though. We treat all of our neighbours very badly. Some people in Argentina -especially in Buenos Aires- seem to suffer from a superiority complex, and they go as far as considering themselves semi-European. As a consequence, they treat their 'predominantly aboriginal' neighbours with disdain. Stupid, because all you have to do is to drive 100 km in any direction (except East! :-)) and you will find people that could easily fit that description (I would be one of them).

    (Too good this is a comment, and not a post, because I certainly wouldn't want a big, long, fruitless discussion around this topic). I wish I could understand why the colour of your skin seems to be such a big issue for some people. Or the country you come from, or even your religion.

    The only area in which I draw a line in soccer. I just can't talk to Boca Juniors fans. :-)

  5. "The only area in which I draw a line in soccer. I just can't talk to Boca Juniors fans. :-)"

    Hehehe, me neither... ;)


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