Saturday, June 16, 2007


I just came back from Santi's game, and was really thirsty. There was no water in the water bottle, so I had to go and replace it. Since I didn't want to wait until it was cool enough, I took a peek at the fridge's contents. To my surprise, I found a chocolate milk box. I don't usually drink that, but just the thought of a good gulp of cold choco milk made me drool. So I picked it up and opened it, and in it went.

As I was drinking, I notice that the color of that box wasn't exactly dark brown like most chocolate milks; it was more of a light brown. "It must be skim milk, or a chocolate flavour soy drink", I thought, but that was still acceptable.

However, the aftertaste made have to look at the label.

It was half & half cream! And I had just drunk about 300 ml.

Yup, yummy. I need a Coke now...

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