Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Road trip

Santi had a game in Chatham last night. We left Waterloo at 4:15 PM and arrived there at 6:50 PM. The game was at 7:15 and ended around 9:00. With the break for food, pee, etc, we were back home exactly at midnight. And I am exceptionally tired today.

However, I feel great. It was a great experience for both me and Santi, and I guess that the same applied to the rest of the kids (and the few parents that could make the trip). Not only because 'we' won (2-0) but also because not always you get to spend so much time alone with your son (and his friends/teammates). We talked a lot, laughed a lot and suffered a lot during the game.

We saw a car whose license plate was "LPANTHER" and then a truck from a company named "Panther ii". Santi then said that it was a signal that we would score two goals.

I didn't get to do the driving, so I guess I'm less tired than Steve (the other coach). But even if I had driven, I would still feel as fine as I do today.

I can't wait for the next road trip.

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