Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a horrible father...

I used to say -and I mentioned this here before- that whenever I had to leave for work I would feel that I was a terrible father and husband for leaving Gaby and the kids home alone. Even after my January 7th epiphany, I still feel that way (and I do realize that Gaby is perfectly able to get around and do whatever she needs to do).

I spoke with Gaby tonight and she told me that the kids indeed miss me, especially Santiago. He seems to be a little down, and he told Gaby 'sometimes I feel like Dad is calling me and I turn around'. Boy, I would expect Florencia or even Juan to be sad that I'm not around, but not Santi. He's a big kid now (well, not even 12 yet).

So, there you go. Santi misses me, and I feel I'm a terrible father. But at the same time, I'm happy that he still wants to be around me. There's a lot of time for him to realize that it's definitely 'not cool'.

Santi, I miss you too. We'll see each other tomorrow. I love you.


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