Friday, December 22, 2006

New job

Well, it seems it's a done deal now. I'm moving away from my current position in Testing Services and will start working in SIV (Software Integration and Validation) soon. There are some similarities with what I was doing until now; the main difference is probably that instead of doing most of my testing here in Waterloo, I'll be going to the sites ocassionally. The other big difference is the focus of our testing. In Testing Services, we do system testing; in SIV, I'll do validation. Before, I would say "this product is right". Now I'll have a say in "this is the right product".

I'm excited about it, though I'm aware that this position involves travelling. Actually, a lot of it. But at least now I know that Gaby and the kids will be fine. Gaby is far more independent now, and I have nothing to be worried about; and the kids are bigger, so I can count on Santi and probably Carolina giving her a hand when needed.

The other thing I have to think about is that if I travel a lot, that means that I'll be collecting air miles. Who knows, maybe I can send Gaby to Argentina soon. Now that'd be great for her. I'm even thinking of both her and Florencia traveling together...

Well, we're about to head South for the holidays. It seems we will have something to toast for this year, after all.

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