Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Silly Monkey Stories #273 - Candies

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Canada22/Feb/2015 – Florencia (11)
We were coming back from soccer practice and Florencia looked pretty tired. I remembered that I had an open bag with a few chewy candies in the back, so I offered them to her. She of course said yes, and her face changed when she started to eat them. I understand, those are so good!!!
But what she said, all serious, made my day:
- These candies should be in every grandma's house…
Argentina 22/Feb/2015 – Florencia (11)
Volvíamos de práctica de fútbol con Florencia, que estaba bien cansada. Me acordé de que tenía una bolsita con caramelos masticables en el asiento de atrás, y se los ofrecí. Por supuesto aceptó, y su cara cambió cuando los empezó a comer. La entiendo perfectamente, son espectaculares!!!
Pero fue la observación que hizo, toda seria, lo que me hizo el día:
- Estos caramelos deberían estar en la casa de todas las abuelas…
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  1. Oh my phone HATES commenting! That was supposed to be agreement with how serious she looks!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Jill!! It's so infrequent to receive one these days, not very sure why...


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