Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Silly Monkey Stories #251 – Fat eggs

(En español más abajo)
Canada02/Feb/2002 – Carolina (4)
- I ate at Malena’s place. We had broccoli and fat eggs…
- Fat egg… What the heck is a ‘fat egg’?
- The one that is rounded, not like the skinny one that has ‘juice’…
Argentina02/Feb/2002 –  Carolina (4)
- En la casa de Malena comí broccoli y huevo gordo…
- Huevo g… Qué es un ‘huevo gordo’?
- Ese que es redondo, no como el huevo flaquito que tiene ‘jubito’…  
Carolina – Jul/2002 
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  1. That is so awesome that you took the time to record all those silly stories. I've had a shortage of Silly Monkey Stories lately also. It's all the children's fault. They're slacking! :P


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