Thursday, July 04, 2013

Things I was better off not knowing - #02

(En español más abajo)
CanadaSanti: “I was in Grade 2 and they had raffles every Friday. One day, after two of my friends won, I told the teacher I had won as well and went to pick up my prize at the principal’s office.
I told her that my name was Mohamed, and I guess I looked like I could be that kid to her, with my short hair and everything, because she gave me Mohamed’s prize. And the real Mohamed didn’t get anything!”
ArgentinaSanti: “Estaba en Segundo Grado y hacían sorteos todos los viernes. Un día, y luego de que dos de mis amigos ganaran, le dije a la maestra que yo también había ganado y me fui a buscar mi premio a la oficina de la Directora.
A la directora le dije que me llamaba Mohamed, y supongo que tenía pinta de ser él, con mi pelo bien cortito y todo, porque ella me dio el premio de Mohamed sin chistar. Y el verdadero Mohamed se quedó sin nada!”

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