Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WW#234 – She still looks after her ‘chiquitos’ (*)

Juan, Flor and Caro with Susana, the lady who took care of my three older children during
the first years of their lives (and who would spoil me big time), back in Argentina.
She and her family are going through tough times; they’re close to our hearts,
because they will always be family to us.
(*) Chiquitos = little ones
Juan, Flor y Caro con Susana, la señora que cuidó a mis tres hijos mayores durante
los primeros años de sus vidas en Argentina (también me malcriaba a mí, y muy bien!).
Ella y su familia están pasando un duro momento; los tenemos cerca de nuestros
corazones, porque siempre serán familia para nosotros.
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  1. So sorry to hear of her family's struggles. How sweet to have this picture, though. Photos of those we love are so precious and valuable. Happy WW!

  2. So wonderful that they still have that relationship!


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