Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Silly Monkey Stories #181 – Beautiful all over

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Canada17/Jan/2012 – Shiloh (4)
Second post dedicated to the beautiful, so adorable Shiloh. She’s the daughter of our friend Daniel, who’s living with her girlfriend (and my ‘adopted’ niece Sileny). I’m assuming it was bedtime, because of what Shiloh said. Looking at Sileny, she observed:
- Sileny, your earrings are beautiful. And your pajamas are beautiful! Sileny, your everything is beautiful!
My beloved niece commented: I’ve never felt so beautiful”… Well, they say kids and drunks never lie, right?
Argentina17/Ene/2012 – Shiloh (4)
Segundo post que le dedico a la hermosa y adorable Shiloh. Ella es la hija de nuestro amigo Daniel, quien vive con su novia (y mi sobrina ‘adoptiva’ Sileny). Se ve que era hora de ir a la cama, mi conjetura debido a lo que Shiloh dijo. Mirándola a Sile, observó:
- Sileny, tus aritos son hermosos. Y tus pijamas son hermosos! Sileny, tu todo es hermoso!
Mi querida sobrina comentó: “Nunca me sentí tan hermosa”… Bueno, dicen por ahí que los niños y los borrachos siempre dicen la verdad, no?
 Sileny with the gorgeous Shiloh and Leah – Sileny con las hermosas Shiloh y Leah
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  1. How sweet! There's nothing like getting a compliment from a child because it is usually genuine.


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