Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silly Monkey Stories #158 – Personal Guidance

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USA30/Jun/2011 – Florencia (7)

We were watching TV, when Florencia saw a commercial about an upcoming movie and indicated that she wanted to see it. I said to her:

- I don't know, Flor. It doesn't look like a movie for your age, since it's rated PG...

Florencia wasn't about to give up.

- But Dad, I think I can watch it. PG means 'Personal Guidance' and I'm OK with it!

Good try, daughter. Good try.

Argentina 30/Jun/2011 – Florencia (7)

Mirábamos la TV, y Florencia vio el avance de una película que estaba próxima a estrenarse; ahí nomás me dijo que quería verla. Yo le contesté:
- No sé, Flor. No parece una película para tu edad, si está calificada como PG (“Parental Guidance”, es decir que queda a criterio de los padres si los niños la pueden ver o no)
Mi hija no se iba a rendir así nomás.
- Pero Papi, yo creo que puedo verla. PG significa Personal Guidance (“criterio personal”) y a mí me parece que está OK que yo vaya.
Buen intento, hijita. Buen intento.
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  1. I remember when I was a kid being totally freaked out by this awful toy monkey somebody had gotten me. I absolutely hated that thing. I have since come to find out that this monkey is apparently somewhat well-known, and someone told me there is even a horror film with this monkey in it.

  2. Yes, you do have to give her credit for trying. :P


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