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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WW#200 – Closer

Deer 02
We saw lots of deer, and this one was particularly sociable.
I grabbed some grass and held it in my hand. He got even closer…
Vimos muchísimos ciervos, y éste en particular no era nada tímido.
Agarré un poco de pasto y se lo mostré. Y se vino aún más cerca…
Deer 01
Pictures taken by Justin Ferreira
More pictures from Dianne, Russ and Shannon


  1. I can't believe how close he got!! Thanks for the linky! --Christine at Why We Love Green

  2. Nice close shot. They are beautiful animals.

  3. What a beautiful creature... Thank you for sharing.

  4. Si se acercaba un poco mas, le tendrias que haber pedido a Santiago que empiece a pelar papas!! jajajajajajja

  5. Wow, these are some truly amazing shots. You were lucky to get so close

  6. This is so cool! And it looks like he's even posing for you!

  7. Its so cute and curious, but caution I'm guessing looks as though its not sure which way to go or else its getting ready to take a bow. I'm always a bit intimidated about getting close to a buck with antlers You are BRAVE!

  8. The lighting on these photographs is brilliant.


  9. Great shots, Gabriel! Mine's late, but it's still Wednesday! :-)

  10. No llevaste una parrilla portatil?


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