Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW#177 – Damocles

Huge icicle (about 1.5 m) dangling from near the boys room
Enorme estalagtita de hielo (1.5 m) colgando cerca de la habitación de los chicos

As I was taking the pictures… it fell!
Luckily it didn’t hurt the roof or the car
Mientras estoy sacándole las fotos… se cayó!
Por suerte no rompió ni el techo ni el auto
More pictures from Dianne, Russ and Shannon


  1. That's a HUGE icicle, glad nothing was hurt when it fell.

  2. Love those cascading roofs apparently so dd the icicle I always loved eating icicles when i was little but that one is so huge and long, it looks to be the length of a small child.

  3. Those things are dangerous. I keep mine knocked down as much as possible.
    Glad to have you back. Sorry for all the problems.

  4. Wow, good thing it did not drop into something important or hurt anyone.

  5. Cuando hacen algo lo hacen a lo grande. No se privan de nada.

  6. Yes, those need to get knocked out as soon as they are formed.

  7. Great post. Reminds me of that movie "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie blamed a falling icicle on his broken

  8. Sword of Damocles indeed! That one could take out a gorilla. Coincidentally, I just watched The Lovely Bones ...

  9. I have them at my house too! Seems with our wild weather swings, this year is a great year for icicles.

  10. Holy moly! That's crazy huge. Our old house used to get icicles like that. Glad there were no injuries or damages when it fell.


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