Saturday, February 13, 2010

PhotoHunt #64 - Broken

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Timing for this theme couldn’t be better. My very esteemed USB hard drive crashed on Thursday, and I just cannot get it to work again. Following a very popular method, I put it in the freezer last night, but that didn’t seem to have done the trick (it’s supposed to realign it, if only temporarily).
I’m now on my way to a data recovery place. It’s very important that I recover the data, I’m missing 11 months worth of work stuff, many of my movies, all of my personal files, all my music… the disk was 85% full.
To say that I’m upset is an understatement. Luckily for me, I copied several of those items to a network drive I have at home on Tuesday night, so almost all of my pictures are safe (except those of Florencia losing her first tooth on Wednesday) and the same applies to my personal stuff.
But most of my movies, my music and my work documents are gone… sigh. I didn’t have room on my network drive to copy them all, and I was in the process of backing up my work stuff when this happened.
You can never be too cautious with them computers.
El timing para este tema no podría haber sido mejor. Mi estimadísimo disco rígido USB se colgó el jueves, y no lo puedo hacer andar. Seguí el muy popular método de ponerlo en el freezer, pero no funcionó (se supone que el frío lo re-alinea, aunque sea por un rato).
Ahora me estoy por ir a un lugar donde recuperan datos. Es muy importante que lo haga, porque me faltan 11 meses de archivos de mi trabajo, casi todas mis películas, mis archivos personales, mi música… el disco estaba lleno en un 85%.
Decir que estoy furioso es minimizar los hechos. Por suerte, el martes a la nochec copié muchísimos de los archivos al disco de red que tengo en casa, así que casi todas mis fotos están a salvo (excepto las de Florencia perdiendo su primer diente el miércoles) y lo mismo va para mis archivos personales.
Pero la mayoría de mis películas, mi música y los archivos del trabajo están perdidos… No tenía lugar en mi disco de red para copiar todo, y estaba por hacer el backup de mis archivos de la oficina cuando me pasó esto.
Uno nunca puede ser lo suficientemete cuidadoso con estas computadoras de #^&^#**!.
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  1. You are so right! I am sorry that happened and I hope the data recovery guys can help out.

    My Macbook crashed in November and I lost most of my writing, all of my bookmarks, settings, and other stuff that make my computer mine. Now we have four terabyte array that we use to back up all of our computers, pictures, movies, ect. It was a huge expensive pain to set up but I am so glad that I no longer have to worry about our computers crashing and losing data.

  2. backings up files - that's always something to remember, though I wish I remember to do so, glad to hear you recovered most of your files

    ps, love the header pics- though "live" spelled backward is "evil"...wondering if that means anything...

  3. Major bummer!!! Hope you get it recovered. I've got to get better at backing my stuff up.

    Great take on the theme this week.

    Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog ;^)

  4. You're the fourth person I have run into this week who has had major computer problems.

    *sidling toward the door*

    I'm going to go back up some more files now.

  5. Oh bummer! Hope you recover everything!

  6. Plis avisame cuanto te cobran (o te quieren cobrar) para recuperar los datos del disco rigido (lo podes hacer por privado si queres)

    La ultima vez que pregunte en Toronto me pidieron $2000 por disco (yo tengo 5 que necesito recuperar)


  7. oh no, i'm sorry to read about your broken USB. this is good reminder to back up files...i'm doing it right now.:p

  8. Ouch. :( I am sorry, Gabriel. But it made a good story for the theme. I hope you recover the data.

    I'm late in visiting everyone for Photo Hunters, but better late than never! Have a wonderful week.


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