Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #76 - Free love


Canada 02/Dec/2009 – Juan (11)
We were at RIM Park last Wednesday, watching Carolina's soccer game (a 2-2 tie). Juan asked me what was I going to do with the free netbook we had won, so I looked at him and said:
- What??
- The netbook you got for free in the letter you got today
- Oh. No, Juani, that wasn't a 'free' netbook. In order to receive it, I would need to trade my satellite dish and subscribe to digital cable for at least two years, and the same would apply to our internet service.
- I see. I thought you had won it, and I wanted it...
- Well, first of all, I would have kept it, as I've been 'dying' for one for a while (my laptop is so big!). Second, I think you're still too young for a laptop. Those are very expensive things!
Juan seemed to have understood, but I still felt there was room for a 'lesson in life' from Dad, so I added:
- Juani, nothing is free. No matter what they tell you, nothing they offer you is ever going to be 'free'
Juan looked at me and completely disarmed with his response:
- Well... except my kisses and hugs...
And then he gave me one. Hell, I'm willing to pay extra for those!



Argentina 02/Dic/2009 – Juan (11)
Estábamos en RIM Park el miércoles pasado, mirando el partido del equipo de Carolina's (empataron 2-2). En eso, Juan me preguntó qué iba a hacer con el netbook que me había ganado, así que lo miré y dije:
- Qué??
- El netbook que te ganaste en la carta que te llegó hoy.
- Oh. No, Juani, eso no era un netbook 'gratis'. Para poder recibirlo, me tenía que dar de baja de la TV satelital y contratar el cable digital por al menos dos años, y lo mismo aplicaba para nuestro proveedor de internet.
- Ah. Pensé que te la habías ganado, y yo la quería...
- Bueno, para empezar, seguramente me la hubiese quedado yo, porque hace tiempo que me 'muero' por una (mi laptop es tan grande y pesada!). Segundo, me parece que aún sos muy chiquito para tener una laptop. Son cosas muy caras!
Juan pareció haber entendido y quedado conforme con la explicación, pero de todos modos me pareció que todavía había lugar para una 'lección de vida' de parte de su padre, así que agregué:
- Juani, nada es gratis en la vida. No importa lo que te digan, nada que te ofrezcan va a ser nunca 'gratis'
Juan me miró pícaro y me desarmó completamente con su respuesta. Con voz intencionadamente dulzona me dijo:
- Bueno... excepto mis besos y abrazos...
Y procedió a darme uno. Por esos estoy dispuesto a pagar extra!



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  1. So sweet! Kiss and hugs are free and priceless at the same time.

  2. Y cuando le vas a comprar el netbook?

  3. si me dicen algo así...salgo corriendo a comprarle la netbook

    un dulce tu hijo

  4. Me lo comoooooo, dulce de mi vida. No hay nada mas invaluable que esos momentos de besos expontáneos!

  5. Awwww . . . what a sweet story!

    I just upgraded to a larger laptop and I don't see the point of having such a big screen. I would love to try a netbook also, just to satisfy my curiosity.

  6. He does deserve the netbook... compráselaaaaa

  7. He will get something bigger than a notebook. Or at least more important to him... I'm comparing prices... :-)

    Now, it's incredible that after all these years Juan is still able to surprise me and leave me with no words. I have the other three pretty much figured out, but Juan still has my number.


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