Friday, June 05, 2009

PhotoHunt #38 - Advertisement

CanadaI gave this week’s topic a lot of thought. This meaning, I had no idea of what to post! :-)
Then I decided to look for ads that reminded me of my childhood, and found the one below. “Manon” cookies were a favourite of mine and most kids back in the 70’s. Those little packages containing 5 cookies each were almost a treasure. Receiving one from another kid was an undeniable proof of friendship, and if you happened to be the one sharing them, you would feel like you were hosting a banquet.
Many, many years later, I still love my “Manon” cookies, and I make sure that I get a few packages every time somebody comes to visit us from Argentina, because… you can’t buy them here in Canada.
Pensé mucho sobre el tópico de esta semana. Esto significa que no tenía ni idea de qué postear! :-)
Luego decidí buscar avisos que me recordaran mi niñez, y encontré el que ilustra este post. Las galletitas “Manon” eran mis favoritas (y las de muchos chicos) allá por los 70’s. Estos paquetitos de cinco galletitas eran casi un tesoro. Ser convidado con una era toda una prueba de amistad, y si uno llegaba a ser el afortunado dueño de un paquete y las compartía, lo hacía sentir que estaba invitando a los amigos a un banquete.
Muchos, muchos años después, todavía me encantan las “Manon”, y siempre me aseguro de que me traigan paquetes cada vez que alguien nos visita desde Argentina, porque… en Canadá no se consiguen.
Best in school! - Say yes to Manon, say yes to Terrabusi
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  1. Mi época fue de las galletas cuétara con dibujitos (que aún hoy se comercializan). No he oído nunca nombrar la marca de la que hablas, supongo que su fama sería de tu pais de origen, pero sé perfectamente la sensación que describes.


    P.D. Gracias por transportarme a mi infancia un par de segundos.

  2. how do you make photo like on photohunt consective ,, like make it look a video in slow motion?

  3. Las Manon! Y las Colegial?

    Mi post ya esta en...

  4. Thanks for your visit & comment at
    It's A Blog Eat Blog World - 'advertisement' was difficult for me!

  5. Fascinating. I've never heard of them before. I can see how turning them into a banquet for your friends would be fun.

  6. They look like little shortbread cookies. Yummy! My hunt is up here.

  7. Of course I don't know them but they are probably very good if children like them so much !

  8. I've never seen them before Gabriel but I bet they are tasty!

  9. I have fav's from childhood, too. I am such a big kid, I love looking at old ads from way back when.
    My all time fav treat from my childhood is a brand of ice cream that you can only get in Nova Scotia.
    I would be hard pressed to share it with anybody :)

  10. What a wonderful and tasty idea for the theme!!

  11. Has anybody noticed with on the Dog Section of Answers, there is an advertisement for Purina, saying it meets or exceeds standards of AAFCO?


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