Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silly Monkey Stories #07 - Any place is a good place...

Florencia was particularly funny yesterday, especially when choosing where to take a break...
You can see what I mean by looking at the pictures below.
ArgentinaFlorencia estuvo particularmente graciosa ayer, especialmente a la hora de elegir dónde tomar sus descansos...
Pueden ver a qué me refiero en las fotos de más abajo.
During the afternoon, she nested in a plastic basket we use for the laundry...
Durante la tarde, hizo nido en un canasto de plástico que usamos para la ropa para lavar...
And then in the evening, she established residency in my soccer bag (how could she stand the smell, I don't know)
Y luego en la tardecita, fijó residencia en mi bolso de fútbol (no sé cómo pudo soportar el olor)
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  1. I guess when you're small you have more choices about where to rest. LOL!! Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing them!!

  2. I like her totally sleepy face in the first two shots! :-)

  3. LOL. Kayla was the same way. She would cram herself into the smallest, strangest places. Is she still missing mommy as much? Gaby should be home soon, right?

  4. JAJAJA, cabe en cualquier parte

  5. She is so clever and resourceful :) She does look cozy!

  6. I guess she was just looking for a comfy place to culr up.

  7. Como siempre, cualquier lugar es bueno para ella.Que linda mi nena !!!!

  8. Coincido con Gabriela, los chicos se acomodan en cualquier lugar... sin chistar.Uno les envidio la elasticidad que tienen para poder acomodarse y despues salir sin problemas...

  9. Jaja, se puede meter en cualquier lado, que flexibles son los chicos!


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