Saturday, April 05, 2008

Weekly Winners #09 - Mar/30 to Apr/05

It was a busy week at Live from Waterloo, and I have the pictures to prove it!

I was in San Diego, California, for a few extra days. I didn't have a lot of time to go out and take pictures, but I still took a few, like this one:
Nice, huh?

Then, on Wednesday, I remembered my hometown:
I posted gorgeous photos like this one...
...or this one.
And here's an extra, unpublished one. It's the church where I was baptized:
A view from the square in the 'old downtown' (same place where the big a** barbecues take place every October 12th)

On Thursday, I wrote about Santi's birth (for Lotus' Birth Stories Carnival). Here's one picture I used and one I didn't:

With me at the beach in Necochea (December 1995)

Finally, I wrote about Carolina's birth on Saturday (which means I will cover Juan and Florencia next week)
One picture that I used...
...and one I didn't (Santi and Caro with my mom and my brother Paco)


  1. Nice beach! Lovely pictures again gabriel! Have a nice Sunday!

  2. gorgeous. I LOVE San Diego!

  3. secret agent mamaApr 6, 2008, 4:41:00 AM

    Gabriel, I always love to come and visit you!! XXOO

  4. That second shot is beautiful!

  5. Your mom's lovely. My daughter visited San Diego last summer. It seems anymore I have to live vicariously throught my children's trips. :D

  6. I forgot to say I really liked the church photo.

  7. Que bonitas fotografias, estan espectaculares, me gusto mas la de las playa y del bosque :-)

  8. I really liked the photo of Gaby with a newborn Carolina. Beautiful.

  9. That tree shot is stunning!

  10. WOW that tree shot is amazing. Great eye!

  11. I thought that trees picture from the Miguel Lillo Park was taken by my brother, but he says he didnt' take it.

    So...who did I steal that picture from? Because it's been on my computer forever! :-)

  12. I hope to visit San Diego one day:) I was born there when my Dad was on the Navy! Beautiful shots.


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