Monday, April 21, 2008

Manic Monday #13

(An odd time for me to blog, my lunch break!)
Question #1 - Who is the black sheep in your family / group? 
I guess I was, for a time, and I'm quite proud of it, actually. Other than that, I can't think of a specific person  that I would call 'the black sheep'. I mean, there's always an uncle or a brother-in-law who doesn't work or takes advantage -or even some money- from you (a "garca", as we would say in Argentina). But even if I knew of a specific person in my family I could call a black sheep, I wouldn't identify him or her in here. My family reads this blog, so there's no need to worry, Fafa. :-)
Question #2 - If you were a character from a book, what character would you be?
Interesting. The kind of questions I would never ask myself. I would like to be this guy, Patoruzú (one of the oldest and most known comic strip heroes in my country). He is a chief of the Tehuelche tribe in the Patagonia, who is obscenely rich, but has a heart of gold (and did I mention superhuman strength?).

I would buy and treasure these magazines! My brother still has some at his house in Virginia

patoruzito1Technically, he's a character from a book, because they would publish a book every December. He would ride his horse called "Pampero" (like the name of the Patagonian wind).
He also had a 'kids' version of his magazine, called "Patoruzito" (hence the horse's name would be "Pamperito"). Pamperito is actually my nick whenever I'm on a chat room or places like that...
There were two "Patoruzito" movies already (in recent years) and they were both quite successful.
Question #3 - What's your favourite accent?
Besides mine? I wrote a post not long ago in which I mentioned that some people think I have the heaviest, most brutal accent ever, and others think I'm from New England... I guess my favourite accent of all times comes from this man:
I'm done with today's Manic Monday. Thank you, come again! :-)
UPDATE! After having read Laane's Manic Monday post, where she mentions the Scottish accent, I remembered this Jim Breuer video I'm subscribed to on YouTube. I hope you like it!


  1. I have a very hard time with accents, maybe it's because of my hearing loss. I don't have a hard time with yours, though. It's not heavy, it's lovely. I love a spanish accent, but the Irish is probably my fav.
    As for the black sheep of my family? LOL. Look no further. It used to be my brother, but I think that I have that dubious honour.

  2. lol Jim Breuer used to have a wicked New England accent...not so much now.

  3. Biddie, LOL. I actually thought of you when I was answering that first question. But I like the way you deal with that in your posts... I should probably start a hidden blog so I can talk about my family and my work... :-)

    janet, I did't know that. I can't tell a New England accent, anyway (though I have been told I have that accent, incredibly!).

  4. LOL Great video.

    I think everyone was the "black sheep" at one time or another.

  5. Great book character! I love the illustration. Happy Manic Monday!

  6. I am also the "Black Sheep" of the family and proud of it. :)

    My answers are posted here.

  7. Jeje...
    Black sheep?
    Un primo llamado Carlos. Hizo las mil y una. Mal.
    Acento? SI, el de Apu es genial, pero me gusta el del Depressed Persian driver de MAD TV.
    Patoruzu me copa, pero mas me gusta Isidoro. De un libro? Jack Ryan, sin duda alguna.

  8. Well, I've never heard of that super hero - but I picked to be a superhero as well! LOL

    Happy Manic Monday a day late!

  9. Scottish is on my list too!

    I played too :)

  10. Patoruzuuuuu, como me gusta! Con mi hermano la comprabamos en el kiosco de diarios de la 2 al lado de Havanna o en Spaltro (mi negocio Necochense preferido). Junto con Patoruzito e Isidoro era lo que leiamos en las vacaciones. Vi la primera pelicula y ahora mi mama me va a traer el DVD de Isidoro de regalo de cumpleanios.

  11. i love Apu! i am a simpsons freak! i love that show!


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