Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday's feast #19

- Name something you would categorized as weird
The behaviour of some people you care about, when things go well for you. In most cases, it's a badly dissimulated envy; but in other cases I would even say it's anger. They actually want you to fail, or at least not to be very successful, so they can feel better about themselves ("See? I told you they weren't going to make it"). I will never understand why people can be so miserable.

There was a time when I even entertained the idea that we might be to blame for some of those reactions we observed. I know better now.

Soup - What colour is the last piece of food you ate?
Yellow, as in French fries from Burger King. I took Gaby and the kids there after we picked up Gaby from the place where she teaches Spanish. It was late (9 PM), but we hadn't had dinner yet, and what the heck, it was our anniversary. We're still going out for dinner tomorrow, but this one we shared with the kids. And believe it or not, I picked a special place: we sat exactly on the same bench in which Gaby and the kids waited for me while I was having my first job interview in Waterloo, on March 30th, 2001.

Salad - On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?
I would say "7", but careful here. I consider myself a loner, even though I enjoy being with my family tremendously. But I spent a lot of time on the road, and I kind of enjoy it sometimes. I'm not a fan of not having anybody around or anybody to talk to between 5:00 PM and 2:30 AM (see Dessert) when I'm in a hotel; but I do try to get the best of it. If the hotel has a swimming pool, I will go swimming for a good hour, hour and a half. It there's a Jacuzzi, I will spend another hour there; same goes for the gym. I like going out for dinner even if it's by myself. For me, there's nothing worse than being home alone for dinner.

Main Course - Fill in the blank: I will __________ vote for _________ in ________.
I will not vote for president in USA. Simply because I'm Canadian! :-)

Dessert - Describe your sleeping habits
Bad. Very, very bad. I barely sleep. I've been always like this. I remember that when I was a teenager, many times I actually stayed up all night and went straight to school (it would be mostly on Sunday nights, who knows why). I will never go to bed before 2:00, 2:30 AM (see Salad), and even then I will sleep while listening to the radio (AM radio) or some music with my headphones. It's like I cannot sleep if the room is quiet.

When I'm in a hotel room, I leave the TV on all night (volume is low, though, so I don't bother the neighbours). I don't understand how can I function with 5 hours of sleep every day (because I get up at 7:00 or 7:30 AM), especially considering that I suffer from obstructive sleep apnœa.

But as I said, I've been always like that, my father was like that, and I'm sure that at least my oldest brother is like that. And I also know that my wife hates it, my sister-in-law hates it and my stepmother probably did too, even though she can't hear well! :-)

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed your feast, specially the main course! lol. :)
    happy friday!

  2. Long feast, but good. I don't know how you can function with your sleep habits. I could not!

  3. bundle-o-contradictionsApr 24, 2008, 8:25:00 PM

    Fun feast! I have no control over how much I sleep anymore. It's gone from a nice schedule to sleepin' too much.
    Pop in anytime to figure out why I consider myself weird. :)

  4. i love to eat french fries now.

    my feast is now served too. hope you can check it out.

  5. I love the anniversary dinner! I know my husband took me to the beach one year to eat fish and chips while the sun went down. Simple but very perfect :-)

  6. Lovely feast...very sastisfying.

  7. I loved your feast, nice long interesting answers!

    I would not manage on 5 hrs sleep! I'd be a walking zombie.

    Have a good weekend :-)

  8. Hey Gabriel, what's up? Man, that was a great feast. The main course was hilarious! I also manage to get along with less than average sleep, but my wife is trying to help me change that.

  9. Great Friday Feast.

    I also think that the behavior of some people that I care about is weird. Especially my own daughter! But she is time she will mature.

    Happy Friday!

  10. Great feast! My sleep is also erratic and I too, like to have noise in the background. I wasn't always this way. I would say it started when I went through my divorce. After that, I learned to thrive on 5 hours of sleep and it's been that way since! I understand your main course completely!

    Have a great weekend and come join my feast if you can:

    Just Some Thoughts

  11. I miss you and your blog...I have a lot to catch up! Will be back and will read this weekend! I hope to do this fun activity later today...

  12. Best feast today. I so agree with your appetizer. I've experienced the same reactions. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your dinner tonight.

  13. I like your soup. Great feast. BTW, happy anniversary.

  14. I'm not american either.

    Well, I'm sure who to vote for. LOL!

    Welcome to party at my feast ::here::
    Have a great weekend!


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