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Friday, April 25, 2008

Always willing to try new stuff

CanadaMe and Gaby went out last night, joining our church's "Friday Nighters" club for dinner at the East African Cafe in downtown Kitchener.

Cellphone quality pictures, sorry...

This place serves a limited menu of about 10 Ethiopian or Eritrean dishes, with names that might not mean anything to most of us, like "misir brsin", "kamlie" or "fit fit", mostly vegetarian dishes that would be beautifully presented in a big rounded plate, along with a pancake-like bread called "injera", which is mostly made of keff flour. The ingredients included lentiles, yellow peas, kale, onion, pepper and other vegetables. Meat was reduced to lamb and some ground beef.

The food was excellent! And the prices, ridiculously low ($10.00 per plate, which would feed...4 people!). And most importantly, we had a great time...

Look how beautifully presented the food was!

I had never had either Ethiopian or Eritrean food before, but I will surely look forward to repeating this experience in the future.

Argentina Gaby y yo salimos anoche, y fuimos a cenar junto al grupo de nuestra iglesia llamado "Friday Nighters" al East African Cafe en el centro de Kitchener.

Este lugar ofrece un menú limitado de 10 platos ya sean de Etiopía o Eritrea, con nombres que tal vez no nos digan nada, como "misir brsin", "kamlie" o "fit fit", platos mayormente vegetarianos que fueron presentados de manera muy bella en unos platos redondos bien grandes, junto con un pan con consistencia de 'panqueque mojado' llamado "injera", que está hecho de harina de keff. Los ingredientes incluyeron lentejas, arvejas amarillas, acelga, cebolla, morrones (ají morrón) y otros vegetales. La carne estaba reducida al cordero y algo de carne vacuna picada.

There's Gaby in action

La comida fue excelente! Y los precios, ridículamente bajos ($10.00 por plato, que era suficiente comida como para... 4 personas!). Y lo más importante de todo, la pasamos muy bien...

Nunca había comido platos etíopes o eritreos antes, pero pueden apostar que voy a volver a ir en el futuro.

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  1. Que lindo escuchar tu voz.que buena la entrevista, ya a Gaby la escuche en sus programas de tele....que alegria, aveces dudo de que sean reales..son tan cheveres y luchadores....los admiramos mucho mi familia y yo..besos a los niños y gracias nuevamente por compartir estas experiencias...........

  2. That was Afrodine, wasn't it? Shawn and I were wondering about that place. I am not very adventurous when it comes to eating out. I kind of like my old stand bys - fish and chips, burgers, chicken...Boring, I know. Shawn, on the other hand, will try just about anything once.
    We really like Fredericks. That is right by your church, right? We have only been there once, but it was amazing, the people were friendly and the prices were great.
    Looks like you all had fun :)

  3. Qué buena onda!!!
    Me encanta la comida étnica... siempre trato de probar distintos tipos y averiguo algo del lugar de donde proviene antes de ir.
    Mañana por ej vamos a probar la comida Vietnamita... después te cuento :)

  4. I know Gabby is a lot better looking than me...but you have this AMAZING picture of her, and I look like a slack jawed hick from some backwater hilly billy town.

    Wait...I guess when I think about home....




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