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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gone tubin'

(Please scroll down for my "Manic Monday" post)

Canada It was the last day of the March break yesterday, so we decided to go out and do something fun with the kids. We were so exhausted from all the things we had been doing in the previous days (Caro's birthday party, Gaby's tango show, Formula 1 in Australia and other things I can't talk about yet [but Santi already did]) that we all woke up at noon! This means I missed church for the second week in a row (I was sick last Sunday), something that had never happened before (at least since I'm in Canada). I felt bad, especially since it was Palm Sunday yesterday, but it wasn't planned at all.

As I was saying, we made sure all home works were finished after me and Santi came back from soccer practice, and then we headed out to Chicopee Tube Park. All four kids got their 2-hour tickets and away they went!

Ayer fue el último día de vacaciones de Marzo, así que decidimos hacer algo divertido con los chicos. Estábamos tan exhaustos luego de todas las cosas que habíamos hecho en los días previos (el cumple de Caro, el show de tango de Gaby, la carrera de Fórmula 1 y otras cosas de las que aún no puedo habl ar [pero que Santi ya contó]) que nos despertamos al mediodía! Esto significa que falté a la iglesia por segunda semana consecutiva (el domingo pasado estaba enfermo), algo que no me había pasado nunca antes (al menos desde que estoy en Canadá). Me sentí mal, porque era domingo de Ramos, pero no fue algo planeado, para nada.

Como decía, una vez que nos aseguramos de que todas las tareas estuviesen completas luego de que Santi y yo volvimos de la práctica de fútbol, nos fuimos a Chicopee Tube Park. Los cuatro chicos sacaron tickets válidos por dos horas y allá fueron!

Getting ready to go (Florencia had to wear a helmet)
Preparándose para subir (Florencia tuvo que usar casco)
On their way up to the starting point | Camino al punto de salida
Here comes Caro! | Aquí viene Caro!
Santi and Juan had a rough ride. Notice Juan is missing his boots!
Santi y Juan tuvieron una dura bajada. Fíjense que Juan perdió sus botas!
And I found them! | Y yo las encontré!
"I wonder where the kid who should fill these is?"
"Me pregunto dónde está al chico que debería llenar esto?"
Flor was hit but another guy who was right behind her after this ride she took with Santi.
Flor fue golpeada por un señor que venía atrás luego de que se tiró esta vez con Santi.
It took me some time to convince her to go again (this time with Carolina)...
Me llevó un poco de tiempo convencerla para que se tirara otra vez (esta vez con Carolina)...
...but there was no case, she didn't want to go again.
...pero no hubo caso, no quiso volver a subir.
Her pain...
Su dolor...
IMG_2243 gain!
...mi ganancia!
OK, my pain too. Look at that banged up knee... ouch.
OK, mi dolor también. Miren cómo me quedó la rodilla. ouch.

The funny thing is that I didn't get hurt going down (though I hit the hay sacks at the end very hard more than once, due to a simple matter of physics), but on my way up!
Lo gracioso es que no me lastimé al bajar (a pesar de que golpeaba con fuerza al final, debido a una cuestión simple de física), sino mientras subía!

I slipped and fell on the ice, and hit my knee really hard. I actually felt the pain resonating all the way up to my hip. But I still kept going, it was so much fun. There was very few people, so we were able to go all together with Santi, Caro and Juan (on four different lanes) and have races... all won by me of course (because of that mass times gravity thing). The plastic pads put at the end of the track would make my kids slow down, but would make me fly over them, and that's when I would end winning. I thought I was going to end on the street.
Resbalé y caí en el hielo, y golpeé mi rodilla muy fuertemente. Sentí el dolor resonar en mi cadera y todo. Pero seguí yendo, porque era muy divertido. Había poca gente, así que nos podíamos tirar juntos con Santi, Caro y Juan (en cuatro pistas diferentes) y correr carreras... todas ganadas por mí, obviamente (por eso de masa por aceleración de la gravedad). Los pads de plástico puestos al final frenaban a los chicos, pero a mí me hacían salir volando, y eso es lo que me permitía ganar las carreras. Pensé que iba a aterrizar en la calle.

Well, it's late, and I have an extremely long day ahead of me tomorrow (trip included), so toodles!

OK, a little bonus before I go; here's the video of Santi and Flor going down. I stopped filming right before the guy hit poor Florcita.


  1. Pobrecita... esa carita me mato...
    Pasame la direccion del quia que la choco...
    Haremos lo posible para que parezca un accidente.

  2. The Adult in QuestionMar 17, 2008, 10:13:00 AM

    Oh man, that looks like so much fun. Glad you guys had a good time, I didn't get a reading week this year due to work placement but I am having a birthday month so I guess it all worked out.

  3. That looks like crazy fun! I wish that I would have thoufght to take the kids there this winter!
    Jessica is not a big fan of any sledding since she had her bad accident 4 years aog. I bet that I could have talked her into going, though.
    How does your knee feel today? It looks bad. How is your hip?

  4. Looks like you all had a's great to see families enjoying themselves...i hope you had a happy day today!

  5. sorry about your knee, i hope it heals quickly...take care.

  6. Thank you all for your messages. My knee is much better, and even though I have been limping all day, my hip is fine.

    I'm in Toronto (well, Scarborough) for the week, so sleeping in a hotel bed won't help the cause. I'm expecting that by the time I get back home, my knee, my hip and my lower back will all hurt! :-)

  7. Oh! Looks like so much fun. It doesn't snow here (the South) so the only way to enjpy tubi' is to travel somewhere with the white stuff!

    So sorry about poor "banged up" knees.

    Happy rest of the week!

  8. Conlo divertido que se ve todo y el peligro está tan cerca!

    Esperemos que la próxima a Flor se le pase y pueda lanzarse de nuevo.

    Y tu rodilla a cuidarla, porque la fuerza de la "masa" debe sentirse a cada paso.

    Feliz Semana Mayor para todos!

  9. WOW! Amazing photos,Gabriel! Looks like the kids had a fabulous time! :) I hope your knee is ok now! The last time I had skiing was was a while ago!

  10. Gabriel: Looks like fun, but way too cold for me! :-) Thanks for contributing this post to this week’s Carnival of Family Life hosted at Beauty and Personal Grooming! Be sure to check out the other wonderful entries this week! And if you would like to host a future edition of the Carnival, you can check out the schedule here and then let me know the week you are interested in.

    Have a wonderful Sunday — and Easter (if you are celebrating)!

    Thanks also for the shout-out for the Carnival in your sidebar! I appreciate your helping to promote the Carnival!! :-)


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