Sunday, February 17, 2008

Manic Monday #05

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
Now this is a question I like! :-)
There's a Chinese restaurant next to where I work (Ming's), and the food there is just excellent. I used to go there very often (like 3 times a week), to the point that the lady would recognize my voice when I made my order by phone.
Even now, that I'm not going there more than once or twice per month, she still knows that I want a combo #6 (fried rice, Hunan beef and chicken balls) with no vegetables and no sweet and sour sauce.
Whenever I order Chinese food somewhere else, I go with the same kind of dishes: rice, chicken balls, Hunan or Szechwan beef or chicken, and if possible, breaded shrimp.
Not that I order all of those at the same time! Well, sometimes I actually have. :-)
How much have you controlled the course your life has taken?
Very much. Just read my story...
Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote?
Mine only. I will discuss the options with other people -mostly my wife-, but the only opinion I take into consideration the moment I have the ballot in front of me is mine and mine only.


  1. Nice answers,Gabriel! Like your choices in the foodies:) Happy nwe week!

  2. you must really like chinese food! haha i am that way with sushi! i LOVE it!

  3. Por favor vivita mi web soy argentino como vos y escribo historias como vos, espero te gusten...mi blog se llama "Argentinos en esclavos unidos"

    saludos y gracias.

  4. We also love to eat Chinese food :D Once a month we buy chinese food, because in here very expensive.

    I just join MM today Will U visit My Manic Monday #1

  5. VERY interesting. i love chinese foods too

  6. I'm back, I'm passing you my Excellent Award! Please give me few more days to pass on the awards you gave me. ;)

  7. Oh, wow. Thanks, Mariposa.

    Of course, take all the time you want! :-)

    Thanks to everybody else for your comments... it's been a slow day today.

  8. Thanks for stopping by mine!

    I used to go to the Mandarin on Woodbine a lot years ago. The one at QEW/Kipling is closer to me now. Surprisingly my fav thing there is the chocolate covered strawberries :)

  9. The people where we call for pizza recognize us, too. In fact hubby was in Walmart one day and one of the pizza workers called out his name and waved to him. LOL!!!

    I'd like to invite you to join the Heads Or Tails meme. It's played on my blog every Tuesday, but I put my posts up on Mondays so the early birds can sign in. It's fun and has a lot of flexibility in how you can answer.

    Check my right sidebar for weekly themes and links to the rules and graphics. I'll add you to the blogroll first time you play. :)

  10. as for me i can eat chinese food everyday of my life. hehe! ;) nice answers you got there. :)

    mine's up here .

  11. It's cool when you frequent an establishment enough to where the employees' faces light up in recognition. Great answers! *SMILES*

  12. I love fried rice very much! Oh, and Won Ton soup, delicious!

  13. I had two places I would frequent while I was at my northern job. The place was called "Hoe Me" and home of the $1 scoop. I would normally get three scoops and they were HUGE. I got Lo Mein, Tereyaki Chicken and then some sort of beef dish - their special. They gave our the cheese wonton and a free coke. I loved that place! Unfortunately about every 3 months, the health department would shut them down for a week or two. But hey, I was right back in there as soon as hey opened the doors - couldn't beat the price... NLM

  14. Oh forgot to name the other place - I thought it was funny. It was called, "YU CHOW NOW!"


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