Friday, September 21, 2007

Watch the penguins!!!

Like every year, penguins are beginning to arrive to Punta Tombo in Chubut, Argentina. It's a unique show, something that you must see. Luckily, the Government of the Province of Chubut has made sure that we can!!! (Transmission begins at 07:00 AM EST)

Como todos los años, los pingüinos están empezando a llegar a Punta Tombo en Chubut, Argentina. Es un show único, algo que deben ver. Por suerte el Gobierno de la Provincia de Chubut se ha ocupado de que podamos!! (La transmisión comienza a las 07:00 AM EST)

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  1. What a cool link! The pengiuns were pretty quiet when I looked in on them but it was cool to see just the same. I think that I'll come back later and check in on them.

  2. Make sure you do, Biddie. We were watching them on Friday, as they were all arriving, and it was awesome. Then we watched them a little more again today; even when we don't see a thing, we like to listen to the sounds of the sea.

  3. gabriel - I was thinking teh same thing..about the sounds of the sea. I miss Nova Scotia, and the ocean so much. I could listen to the sounds all day! I think that Shawn will like watching the pengiuns, too. They are his fav animal, I think.
    I wanted to ask you about Mings. You mentioned it in one of your previous posts. Where is it? I am assuming that it's chinese food. I'd love to try a new place.

  4. Sure. Ming's is on Phillip St, almost on the corner with Albert St. There's a plaza there that has a Tim Hortons, a bicycle shop and a few more restaurants.

    Ming's is cheap and very good. And they make your food quick! I'm quite addicted to them, it's probably the only place that makes me cheat on my diet. Well, at least regularly...


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