Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall is here...

...and I love it. It's my favourite time of the year. We went out with Gaby and the kids today, and took a few pictures. Hope you like them.

El otoño ha llegado, lo que es algo que me encanta. Es mi parte preferida del año. Hoy salimos con Gaby y los chicos, y saqué algunas fotos. Espero que les gusten.

This tree is near my house same tree...
The little bush at my front door Entering the Grand River trail
Nice colours This one is pretty
Liked these flowers This is the Grand River
This is one of my two favourites ...and this is my other favourite!


  1. I love the fall, too. I like the cool weather, and for some reason, I just LOVE collecting chestnuts. I guess that it reminds me of growing up and stuffing them in my pockets to bring home to my older brother. Even now, I collect as many as I can find, and bring them home.

  2. Al otoño boreal no hay con que darle... It's awesome!

    Buenas fotos "geibriel"!

  3. Biddie - You must have been a squirrel in a past life. :-)

    Guille - Do you think that the austral fall might be like this? I remember being in Bariloche in May 2000, and even though I saw snow, I don't remember these colours. And Bariloche is pretty much like here, weather and vegetation wise, don't you think?

  4. Beautiful pictures


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