Monday, September 10, 2007

So where's Argentina, after all?

I was just reading Xel-ha's blog, and found a very funny twitter update. It read:
- What language is that? Russian? Bulgarian? - No, Spanish... - Oh, I was close!... :S

It reminded me of a surreal conversation I had in New Jersey, exactly 10 years ago, when I went to USA for my first time (on a business trip). Here it goes:

"You have a strange accent, are you from Boston?"

Me (almost amused): "No, a little further South, from Argentina"

He (surprised): "Oh, Argentina. It's close to Greece, right?"

Me: "Um... no, we're in South America"

He (suspicious): "No way! You're not in Europe? But you do speak English down there, do ya?"

Me (amazed): "Actually, no. We speak Spanish, like most of the South American continent"

He (laughing): "Get outta here!" And he left, convinced that I was joking.

Now, I can understand if he has no clue whatsoever about the whereabouts of Argentina. But to think that I was from Boston because of my accent... If my English is still bad today, after almost seven years in Canada, imagine how it was back in September 1997!!!


  1. jajajaj, quedó lindo el mapita... ojo que te van a acusar de invadir Turquia!

    Hace poco twitie algo similar..., y luego vino el post...

  2. Ah, bueno, esa conversación fue peor que la que yo tuve!!!

    Increíble. Pero muy divertido de leer :-)

  3. O ayer en el festival ese de los griegos nos preguntan a mi viejo y a mí "De que zona de Italia son?"

    Y bueh.


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