Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coffee break

Gaby called me and I asked her if she wanted to come over to go to Tims for a coffee, which of course she did. She's enjoying this 'freedom' of having all 4 kids going to school now. We talked for a while, about many things (our kids, ourselves, friends, gossip, death, etc), but that's not the topic of this post! :-)

As I was buying the coffees, I asked for a diet Coke. The young man told me that they have Pepsi now, to which I asked 'how come?'. Then he said that it looks like Coca Cola is going to enter into the coffee business, so they would be competing against TH. So what would be the point of selling a competitor's product?

I didn't know about this. Is Coca Cola going to buy Coffee Time? Isn't Starbucks partially owned by Pepsi, anyway? Or is it just Pizza Hut and Taco Bell?

UPDATE: Now I know better. Pepsi has spun off both Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in 1997 and has a partnership with Starbucks...
Gaby me llamó y la invité a tomar un café a Tims, lo que por supuesto aceptó. Está disfrutando esta 'libertad' de tener a los cuatro chicos yendo a la escuela. Hablamos por un rato, sobre muchos temas (los chicos, nosotros, amigos, chimentos, muerte, etc), pero no es ese el tema de este post! :-)

Cuando estaba comprando los cafés, pedí también una Coca. El chico que me atendió dijo que sólo tienen Pepsi ahora, a lo que pregunté por qué. Dijo que parece que Coca Cola está por entrar en el negocio de la venta de café, así que estaría compitiendo contra TH. Y cuál seria el sentido de vender el producto de la competencia?

No sabía nada de esto. Acaso Coca Cola va a comprar Coffee Time? No es Pepsi parciamente dueño de Starbucks, también? O es sólo Pizza Hut y Taco Bell?

UPDATE: Ya averigüé. Pepsi liberó tanto a Pizza Hut como a Taco Bell en 1997 y tiene una sociedad con Starbucks...


  1. I had no ideqa bout any of that. I just want my diet pepsi. Unless it comes in a 2 liter bottle, then it starts to taste like pencil shavings. (yuck)
    I think it's cool that you get to hang out with your wife during the day. It's all of the little moments that mean so much :)

  2. We LOVE having those little moments. Gaby will put everything aside to make a quick run for coffee or lunch at Ming's, even if it means 30 minutes driving and 15 minutes together. I will do the same, if I'm the one with the car...

    I used to be very religious about my pop, and would never drink Pepsi. Ever. Then I was forced to switch to the 'diet' version and now everything is the same...


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