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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Live from... Toronto

I'm at Toronto Pearson Airport, about to take my flight to Bogota, Colombia. I was told to book a limousine to take me here, and I thought nothing of it. They picked me up at noon (well, they were early) and dropped me off at about 12:50 PM. That's when I had to pay for it... $237.50! "The return trip is included", said the driver. Outrageous.

Once here, I saw something that made me feel better...or so. I was lining up to buy a diet Coke and there was this girl in front of me getting a burger with fries and a pop. She was probably 13 years old. She picked up her food, only to drop everything but the burger on the floor. As she was about to cry, I told her I would buy her new fries and pop. She looked at me but never said 'thanks' or anything like it. In the end, the people at Coyote Jacks grill gave her another pop and fries, no charge. Once again, she said nothing. I should have tripped her on her way to her sit. :-)

Estoy en el Aeropuerto Pearson, en Toronto, a punto de tomar mi vuelo a Bogota. Me dijeron en el trabajo que llamara una limousine para que me traiga, y yo lo hice sin darle mayor importancia al asunto. Me pasaron a buscar al mediodía (llegaron temprano, en realidad) y me dejaron aquí a eso de las 12:50PM. Cuando fui a pagar, me encontré con que el costo era de $237.50! "Incluye el viaje de vuelta", dijo el conductor. Espantoso.

Una vez aquí, vi algo que me hizo sentir mejor...a medias. Estaba haciendo la cola para comprarme una Diet Coke, y había una chica delante de mí, que estaba comprando una hamburguesa con papas fritas y gaseosa. Tendría 13 años. Tomó su comida, y las papas y la gaseosa se le cayeron al suelo. Cuando estaba a punto de llorar, le dije que yo le compraría ambas cosas. Me miró pero no dijo 'gracias' o algo parecido. Al final, la gente de Coyote Jacks grill le dio otra gaseosa y papas gratis. Nuevamente,
la chica no dijo ni gracias. Debería haberla hecho tropezar camino a su silla. :-)

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