Thursday, May 24, 2007

Role models

I have many -many- nephews and nieces, but they're all very far away. Two of them are actually my godchildren too, and I feel pretty bad that I'm not around to be with them, but that's life.

But we also have two 'almost' nieces, who live just one hour away from here. They are Sileny (19) and Tathyana (16), the daughters of our good friends Charlie and Laura. We're very close, and Charlie is even Florencia's godfather.

We have invited them to come with us to the beach for a day or two, but unfortunately Sileny couldn't come. Tathy did, though, and never seemed to bother that she would spend all those days around four loud and extremely active little kids. We love to have them around.

These girls represent everything we want our kids to be. They're kind, respectful, responsible, extremely patient and loving with our kids. They are still studying, of course, but they both work, so not only they can have their own money, but also help at home. It is Sileny's birthday today, so I called her; she just told me worked until midnight last night.

We love our 'nieces' and our kids just worship them. Nobody is cooler than them. They're the best.

I really -really- hope that my kids grow to be like them. I'm very proud of my kids (who wouldn't), but these girls make me proud too, just for knowing them and being able to call them my nieces.

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