Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mc Idiot's - Take 2

Well, I had to go there again last night. I was on my way from Waterloo to Niagara, and needed to make a quick pit stop. I had Carolina with me, so where would I go?

I stopped at the Mc on highway 401 and order my sandwich (only cheese, please) and a kid's meal for Caro. They had the Shrek glasses, so I figured it would be cool to buy a couple. Here's the conversation I had:

G: Could I have two Shrek glasses, please?
McI: Sure, which ones do you want?
G: I dunno... Shrek and Donkey, please
McI: Oh, we only have Shrek and the babies
G: (Why do you ask me, then?) OKAY, I'll take those two.
(15 minutes break, and I'm not lying, while we wait for our two sandwiches. We get the food)
G: I'm missing the glasses.
McI: Oh, yeah, here they are.
G: Uh, these are both Shrek. I asked for one of each.
McI: I'm sorry, we only have that one today.
G: (sounds of boiling blood)
McI: Are you going to take it anyway, sir?
G: Well, I have already paid for them, haven't I!!!
McI: ...
G: (a whole lot of dark thoughts can be seen in front of my eyes)
G: How dare you call this 'fast' food, by the way? I didn't have a beard when I arrived!

Then I left.

God, I hate them.

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