Friday, February 13, 2015

Embarrassing moments - #073

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Embarrassing moments
It’s not the first time it has happened to me, but it just happened again, so I better write about this. Having just dropped the car at the service, I ran to the nearest Tim Hortons because I had a conference call (with a WebEx session, so I needed wifi access). While I was walking towards the place, I went on the call using my phone, ready for 5-7 minutes of data charges until I got to the place. I put the phone on mute, of course. To my surprise, this was about the only Tim Hortons I have been to that does not offer free wifi! I decided I was going to stay on the phone call, but I was going to get off the data portion of it, which I did. What I did not know is that my treacherous phone would go off mute in the process!!!
So, as the people from the hospital were discussing the needs for new equipment, I went on to speak on the call for the first time, and my contribution was the following…
- Hi, yeah… I will have a large two milks, one sweetener and an old fashion plan donut…
Nobody said anything, but I’m absolutely sure they all heard me and just chose to ignore me. Boy is my face still red…
No es la primera vez que me pasa, pero acaba de ocurrir de nuevo, así que escribiré sobre el tema. Acababa de dejar mi auto en el service, así que me vine al Tim Hortons más cercano porque tenía una llamada en converencia (con sesión en WebEx, así que necesitaba wifi). Mientras venía para aquí, me comuniqué con mi teléfono, asumiendo unos 5-7 de cargos de datos hasta que llegara. Puse el teléfono en ‘mute’ por supuesto. Para mi sorpresa, éste es él único Tim Hortons que conozco que no tiene wifi gratis! Decidí que me iba a quedar en la porción telefónica de la llamada, pero me iba a desconectar de WebEx, lo que hice. Lo que no noté es que mi teléfono traicionero salió del modo ‘mute’ en el proceso!!!
Así las cosas, mientras la gente del hospital discutía las necesidades de nuevo equipamiento, salí hablando por primera vez, y mi contribución fue la siguiente…
- Hola, sí… Quiero un café grande, dos de leche y endulzante, con una doughnout (rosquilla) old fashion plain…
Nadie dijo nada, pero estoy absolutamente seguro de que todos me oyeron y eligieron ignorarme. Un papelón de aquellos.
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  1. Oh no! But then again, I've embarrassed my husband WAY worse than that when I didn't realize he had me on speaker phone! At least you weren't attempting to describe the properties of spring rolls...

    1. LOL! I think I might have done worse too. Unfortunately, I still have a few entries for this series :-)


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