Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Silly Monkey Stories #265 - Choreography

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Canada05/Dec/2013 – Florencia (10)
Florencia loves to dance, and she spends a lot of time downstairs, practicing her moves and trying out new choreographies. A few months ago, she gave me some videos she had recorded herself, dancing to very well known songs. I told her they were very good and that I would like to share one or two in my blog. I left the topic there, but she has insisted so much and I have now decided to put here the one I liked the most so far... :-)
Argentina05/Dic/2013 – Florencia (10)
A Florencia le encanta bailar y se la pasa abajo practicando movimientos y ensayando coreografías. Hace unos meses me pasó unos videos en los que se había grabado bailando canciones muy conocidas y le dije que estaban muy buenos y si me daba permiso para poner uno o dos en el blog. Yo dejé el tema ahí, pero ella ha insistido tanto que he decidido poner el que más me gustó hasta ahora... :-)
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