Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ontario Municipal Elections 2014 – Waterloo Region Candidates

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CanadaOn Monday October 27th, us Ontarians will be electing mayors, councillors, trustees, regional chairs and other officials.
Here is a brief list of the candidates for the Waterloo Region, with links (when possible) to their websites so you can get more info on their platforms.
ArgentinaEl lunes 27 de Octubre los residentes de Ontario elegimos alcaldes, concejales, consejeros, líderes de region y otros oficiales.
Aquí hay un listado de los candidatos en la región de Waterloo, con links (cuando sea posible) a sus websites, así se pueden informar un poco más sobre sus plataformas.
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Waterloo Regional Council
 (X) - Incumbent
Regional Chair (1 to be elected) 
Candidate Website / E-mail
Ken Seiling (X)
Jay Aissa
Oscar Cole-Arnal
Moira-Shannon Magee
Robert F. Milligan
Paul Myles
John Wolf
Regional Councillor – Cambridge (2 to be elected) 
(*) Jane Brewer has withdrawn but it was too late to remove her from the ballot 
Regional Councillor – Kitchener (4 to be elected) 
Regional Councillor – Waterloo (2 to be elected) 
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