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Ontario Election 2011 – All you need to know

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CanadaOntarians will be going to the polls again tomorrow, looking to elect a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), who will represent them in the Legislative Assembly.

There are 107 electoral districts -also called 'ridings'– in Ontario. Each will be represented by an MPP. The leader of the party that wins the election will become the new Premier of Ontario.

Let's take a look at the candidates in the Waterloo Region. I also have a few cool links for you!

ArgentinaLos ontarianos vuelven a las urnas mañana para elegir a sus Miembros del Parlamento Provincial (MPP), quienes los representarán en la Asamblea Legislativa.

Hay 107 distritos electorales –comúnmente llamados ‘ridings’– en Ontario. Cada uno será representado por un MPP. El líder del partido que triunfe en las elecciones será ungido nuevo Premier de Ontario.

Démosle una mirada a los candidatos de la Región de Waterloo. También tengo otros links para ustedes!

Liberal Party of Canada
Bob Rae (interim)

Conservative Party of Canada
Stephen Harper

New Democratic Party of Canada
Nycole Turmel (int)
New Picture
 New Picture
Provincial Leader:
Dalton McGuinty

Number of seats:
70 (65.42%)
Provincial Leader:
Tim Hudak

Number of seats:
25 (23.36%)
Provincial Leader:
Andrea Horwath

Number of seats:
10 (9.35%)
Green Party of Canada
Elizabeth May
Other /
New Picture

Provincial Leader:
Mike Schreiner

Number of seats:

Number of seats:
2 (1.87%)

Number of seats:

District 012 - Cambridge (map):

Rob Leone (Conservative)
Kathryn McGarry (Liberal)

District 027 - Guelph:

Liz Sandals (Liberal)
Greg Schirk (Conservative)
Steven Dyck (Green)
Phillip Bender (Libertarian Party)
Julian Ichim (Marxist - Leninist)
Drew Garvie (Communist)
What? No Marihuana Party candidates in Guelph? WTF!

District 037 - Kitchener Centre (map):
Dave MacDonald (Conservative)
John Milloy (Liberal)

District 038 - Kitchener–Conestoga (map):

Michael Harris (Conservative)
Robert Rose (Green)

 District 039 - Kitchener–Waterloo (map):

Elizabeth Witmer (Conservative)
Eric Davis (Liberal)
J.D. McGuire (Green)
Peter Davis (Independent)
(*) Isabel Cisterna is Florencia’s godmother! :-)
District 099 - Wellington–Halton Hills:

Ted Arnott (Conservative)
Moya Johnson (Liberal)
For other districts please click here

Conservative Party of Ontario =
Green Party of Ontario =
New Democratic Party =
Ontario Liberal Party =
Ontario Libertarian Party =


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