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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Monkey Stories #154 – Geography

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Canada26/Jun/2011 – Carolina (14)

Santi and Caro, like most siblings, were arguing about who knows more about something. For a reason I don't remember, such argument turned into a competition about who knew more about Geography (!). I asked both of them:

- How many countries named 'Congo' are there?

Santi replied:

- One...

Caro exclaimed, triumphant:

- No! There are two: Congo and the Dominican Republic of Congo!!

I pointed out, laughing, the fact that she had combined the names of two countries into one, and that those countries couldn't have less in common, but there was no way I could convince her that she wasn't quite the Geography wiz she thought she was...

By the way, it’s the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire). Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean…

Google Maps - Google Chrome_2011-06-28_13-46-20 

Argentina26/Jun/2011 – Carolina (14)

Santi y Caro, como todos los hermanos hacen, discutían sobre quién sabía más de vaya a saber que cosa. Por alguna razón que no recuerdo, la conversación se convirtió en una competencia para ver quién sabía más sobre Geografía (!). Les pregunté:

- Cuántos países llamados 'Congo' hay?

Santi replicó:

- Uno...

Caro exclamó, triunfal:

- No! Hay dos: Congo y la República Dominicana de Congo!!

Le indiqué, riendo, que había combinado los nombres de dos países que no podrían tener menos en común entre ellos, pero no hubo manera de convencerla de que no era la experta en Geografía que ella dice ser...

Valga la aclaración, es la República Democrática de Congo (antes llamada Zaire). La República Dominicana, como bien sabemos, está en el Caribe…
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  1. Children always know more than their parents. Didn't you know that? LOL!!


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