Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Silly Monkey Stories #126 – One man band

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Canada20/Nov/2010 – Florencia (7)

We were celebrating Juan's birthday with my family, and once we finished having dinner, my brother and I moved to the living room to play the guitar for a while.

Knowing that Florencia not only likes to sing but also to watch me play, I told her, as to pick her interest:

- Did you know that your uncle Willy can sing and play guitar too?

Her response, with an amazed look, was immediate:

- At the same time???!!!


 Picture from www.worldwideperformers.com


Argentina 20/Nov/2010 – Florencia (7)

Estábamos celebrando el cumple de Juan con mi familia, y luego de cenar mi hermano y yo nos dispusimos a ir al living para tocar la guitarra un rato.

A sabiendas de que a Flor no sólo le gusta cantar sino que también mirarme tocar la guitarra, le dije, como para despertar su interés:

- Sabías que el tío Willy también canta y toca la guitarra?

Me respondió de inmediato, sorprendidísima:

- Al mismo tiempo???!!!

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