Friday, January 01, 2010

PhotoHunt #61 - Lick

I’m back with PhotoHunt today, even though I didn’t have a lot to draw from with this week’s theme.
I was this close from posting a picture of Santi with his new ‘cow-lick’ hairdo, but I know he would get mad at me, so let’s avoid a war…
Instead, I will post a picture of others who don’t really mind me showing them at their silliest…
De vuelta con PhotoHunt hoy, a pesar de que no tenía mucho de donde sacar material para el tema de esta semana (lick = chupada, lamida).
Estuve así de cerca de poner una foto de Santi con su nuevo peinado ‘lamida de vaca’, pero sé que se iba a ofender, así que mejor evitar una guerra…
En su lugar, pongo esta foto de otra gente en la casa a la que no le molesta cuando los muestro haciendo locuras…
Looks like Caro is about to lick her mom’s head! :-)
This one is exactly three years old. It was taken on New Year’s Day 2007, and the beauty
making the silly face next to me is my niece and goddaughter Valeria. I didn’t touch her, of course.
Even more, I had to show her the picture later so she could see what I was doing, because she didn’t notice me! :-)
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  1. This week's PH-theme "lick" has had several kinds of solutions: with food, children and animals. This one takes "lick" one step further. I am sure it is completely innocent, but it looks a little wild!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, they are as innocent as they can be. It's my daughter on pic #1 and my niece on pic #2... with me trying to gross her out! :-)

  3. Me pregunto a quién habrán salido estos chicos... ;)

  4. Looks like you had fun. Those are amazing photos as well. Happy new year to you and your family! :D

    Mariposa's PhotoHunt

  5. Dificil tema, algo encontrare...

  6. Ya esta en...
    Already at...

  7. No entiendo la aclaración de que no la tocaste, vos sabrás.
    Igual te veo una expresión que me recuerda a una cierta persona apodada "El Tigre".

  8. It's so fun to be in your family with all those licking. LOL!

    Happy New Year 2010!

  9. Great choices for this week's theme! That last photo reminds me of my husband. He likes to lick me on the face when I'm not paying attention. :)

  10. Heheh it is silly but very good choice for the theme...Happy hunting...

  11. pregunta: quien la mamporreó a Vale que tiene los ojos hinchados... o estaba pintada?


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