Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tell me Thursday #21 – Teddy Bear game

CanadaWow, I’m a little late tonight! I wanted to show you a little more about the picture I posted yesterday in my Wordless Wednesday post. Did you see it?
Well, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t because there’s something even better here!
Like last year, I got tickets from my office to go to a hockey game with Gaby and the kids, featuring our local team (Kitchener Rangers), one of the best teams in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). The idea is that this is a charity game, in which the fans will bring teddy bears to be tossed onto the field the moment our team scores its first goal. I was with the kids last year (minus Gaby) and we had to wait a lot until Kitchener scored (and they ended losing!), but the wait was worth it, as the video I took still looks amazing! Check it out:

En total se tiraron 6,831 ositos, lo que constituye un nuevo record. Todos estos juegos son donados a chicos pobres o que están en hospitales. Así que si bien el hockey dista de ser mi deporte preferido (cómo podría serlo un deporte en el que los fans incentivan y festejan cuando dos jugadores se agrran a trompadas!) pudimos de todos modos tener una velada agradable, ver la lluvia de ositos y todo gratis! :-)

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  1. That's great! I love the teddy bear toss idea.

  2. Preguntaba en el post de la foto qué hacian con los muñecos y me respondiste en este post :)

    Es muy buen espectaculo!

  3. I love the teddy bear toss! Jessica has been given toys when she was in the hospital that I am pretty sure came from the toss.
    A cuddly friend can really help to chase the blues away.

  4. Fue en Waterlunnn? Mira vos...Aca salio en los noticieros de la tele... Voy a ver si lo vuelvo a ver en algun lado a ver si aparece mi cuñada favorita tirandole ositos a los jugadores.

  5. No Fafa, es para chicos pobres y desnutridos. Vos no das el perfil de desnutrido.

  6. Y vos no das el perfil de "chico"...


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